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Partners / OEMs

Brocade & IBM

Long-time partners IBM and Brocade build advanced and tightly integrated solutions that help customers worldwide create agile and secure infrastructures. With a broad portfolio of solutions we enable new business models and support cognitive, cloud, analytics, mobile, and social business requirements, while positioning enterprises for success into the future.


IBM and Brocade’s joint solutions make agile and secure infrastructures possible for a wide range of enterprise customers. Brocade’s Gen 6 Fibre Channel storage networking, combined with IBM FlashSystem and IBM Spectrum Storage, enables agile cloud architectures, supports massive volumes of data, and optimizes high-density server virtualized environments. Brocade’s storage networking and extension products support IBM’s z14 mainframe, for the highest level of availability and performance.

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The Brocade and IBM partnership allows our customers to…

  • Optimize high-density server virtualized environments, enable new workloads, and implement cloud architectures through Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology and IBM storage solution
  • Maximize the agility, efficiency, and control provided by IBM Spectrum Storage and Brocade networking solutions
  • Enjoy unmatched performance, scalability, and reliability, plus faster, better data-driven decisions with Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel and IBM FlashSystem storage
  • Support mainframe workloads demanding 99.999% availability, including networking over distance for BC/DR requirements
  • Gain visibility and insight across your storage infrastructure with powerful monitoring, diagnostic, and management tools powered by IBM b-type storage networking and Brocade Fabric Vision technology

IBM & Brocade Solutions

IBM FlashSystem with Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel

Analyze data in real time and at rest. Transform massive amounts of information into insight with a solution that combines powerful analytics software with a robust, scalable networking infrastructure. IBM’s MicroLatency technology and Brocade’s 32-gigabit Fibre Channel deliver over 1 million IOs per second.

IBM Distance Replication Configurations (Disk and Tape) using the IBM SAN42B-R Extension Switch (Brocade 7840) and IBM b-type Gen 6 Extension Blade (Brocaded SX6)

Build scalable business continuity deployment options to extend disaster recovery and data protection storage solutions across any distance. The IBM b-type extension products include a suite of features that help ensure continuous availability of a storage extension network, from pre-deployment validation tools to advanced network failure recovery technologies.

Distance vMotion with IBM SVC Stretched Cluster

This powerful disaster recovery and business continuity solution extends application access beyond a single data center. Maintain uninterrupted operations with seamless server and storage fail over through VMware for up to 300 km between sites.

IBM System z Virtual Tape/DASD Replication

Add mainframe virtual tape replication to your virtualization and storage consolidation strategy. This smart replication tool allows you to implement an IBM System Z solution over distance without data replication concerns.

IBM SAP HANA with Business Continuity

Increase the speed of SAP HANA real-time analytics and business continuity by leveraging the enhanced compute capabilities of IBM POWER8 servers, storage virtualization with IBM Spectrum Virtualize, the IBM SAN Volume Controller appliance, and the low latency, highly scalable Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel storage networking and extension products. Learn More