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Partners / OEMs

Brocade & Sugon

The Brocade and Sugon partnership meets the growing demand for software networking solutions that make it faster and easier for customers in China to manage and scale their network infrastructures.


Sugon and Brocade work together to deliver resilient, efficient high-performance data center networks that make it easy to manage dozens of switches as a single logical device, dramatically reducing operational costs and installation time as new switches provision themselves when they are connected to the fabric.

Brocade and Sugon enable faster innovation for programmable networks by delivering truly open software-defined networking (SDN) and Ethernet fabric solutions that remove significant barriers to implementing SDN solutions while reducing the time from proof-of-concept to production.

Brocade Ethernet fabric products power many of Sugon’s cloud computing, industrial and ParaStor customer solutions.

  • Improves performance and reduces network congestion with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, low latency, and 24 MB deep buffers
  • Increases capacity with the ability to create up to a 160 GbE uplink with Brocade ISL Trunking
  • Manages an entire multitenant Brocade VCS fabric as a single switch through the Brocade VCS Logical Chassis, with REST APIs that allow higher-level management and orchestration frameworks
  • Ensures efficient load-balanced multipathing at Layers 1, 2, and 3, including multiple Layer 3 gateways
  • Simplifies virtual machine (VM) mobility and management with automated, dynamic port profile configuration and migration
  • Delivers advanced storage support with multiple storage connectivity options, including FCoE, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NAS

Sugon & Brocade Solutions

Brocade and Sugon Solutions

Together, Brocade and Sugon empower customers in China to build programmable networks with ease, accelerating innovation without breaking budgets.

Enterprises and service providers in China can leverage Brocade’s industry-leading innovations in Ethernet fabric and software networking, combined with Sugon’s large-scale deployment experience in China, to create more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective networks based on the New IP that make it possible for these organizations to meet increasing network demands driven by the evolution of cloud, social, mobile, and big data technologies.